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It seems like everyone is hoping on the Carson Wentz MVP bandwagon, have they forgotten the young prodigy in Dallas? Let’s take a look at some stats.

Dak, (Wentz) in first 6 games.

CMP %: 63  (61)

Yards: 1426 (1584)

Total TD’s: 17 (13)

INT’s: 4  (3)

Fumbles: 1 (5)

QBR: 98.2 (100)


Total: 17 (20)

Rushing: 21 (1)

Passing: 14 (29)

PPG: 23 (20)



Xavier Woods shined in the Preseason game against the Rams. He had a total of 7 tackles in the game 3 were 3rd down stops. There are a lot of positives I took from this game and not a lot of negatives yet. Let’s get in to it.

Xavier Woods is a sure tackler. His angles are raw, but his wrap up is amazing. There was one play I saw Woods on. It was man to man and Xavier’s’ guy had a drag route over the middle. The receiver caught the ball but Xavier was on him like white on rice. He put his shoulder pad on his thigh and grabbed his ankle. He alligator rolled through the tackle like it came natural to him. It was only a 5 yard completion that brought 4th down.

He’s small for a safety but plays big. You can see it in the film when he had that big hit on Hemingway and in run support, which I really like about this kid. Xavier isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the box. He doesn’t shed blocks but his reaction time to holes in the gaps is astonishing. I guess he doesn’t need to shed a block when he’s already filled the gap and has the running back in the backfield running like a chicken with his head cut off trying to find a hole to run through.

I can’t help but compare this kid to Earl Thomas. We Longhorns love our defense and Earl was arguably one of the best Safeties we’ve ever seen. Earl had great over the top coverage, and great reaction time. Earl couldn’t be blocked by a tight end because he’d already run past him and make the tackle. Earl wasn’t the biggest guy either, but he could sure stick it to you.

I can’t wait to see what this young man has in store for us. It’s a great day to be a Cowboy. Overall Grade: B+

Go Cowboys.


Garden City KS-After falling to the Green Bay Packers 2 out of 3 years. Lets start by first breaking down some of Jason Garrett season’s since taking over the team November 8, 2010.

Lets start with that date. Garrett inherited a 1-7 team. Former head coach Wade Phillips out the door after a embarrassing 45-7 loss to, you named it the Green Bay packers. The Dallas Cowboys went 5-3 the rest for the season. That is when everything started changing. The draft process was different, the coaching staff changed, the defense went from being a 3-4 defense to a 4-3 defense. Heck even the coaching press conference changed going from a table to a podium. Garrett still uses to this day.   

The next 3 seasons. Do you remember? Oh I do. 8-8, 8-8 and the last one? you got it 8-8. A lot of blame on those season’s was on Romo, Just win the last game and get in the playoff’s. 2011– Lets count the fault on Garrett, remember that kick from Dan Bailey against the Cardinals. Garrett iced his own kicker. He called time out before the snap and that ball with through the up rights. It didn’t count! The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys iced his own kicker. Bailey had to attempt that kick again and failed. It sent the game to overtime where the cardinals went to win it. 13-19. What if Garrett didn’t ice Bailey it could have been a 9-7 after the end of season if everything played out. Trust me; I’am not in that what “IF” game either. 2012– Another season of win that last game and your in. I remember that week 17 game clear as day. NBC Sunday Night Football against the Washington Redskins. Tony Romo was under duress and threw the ball to DeMarco Murray in the flat and what would you know. Landon Fletcher there to intercept it. Pick 6! Garrett got out coached? The team wasn’t ready? The same ol finish of 2011. Whatever it was fans were not happy with result. 2013– This season couldn’t be just like 2011 and 2012 could it? Jason Garrett is drafting studs. The roster is turning. Tyrone Smith, DeMarco Murray and Dewayne Harris entering their 3rd year. Keep in mind Jerry Jones didn’t draft a offense of tackle in the 1st round of the draft EVER! Things are changing right? The Dallas Cowboys surprise everyone drafting Travis Fredrick with the 31st pick of the draft. Mike Mayock saying “WOW, I had a 3rd round draft grade on this guy.” Dez Bryant got his number 2 wide out Terrance Williams take some pressure off of him because Miles Austin was starting to lose a step. Turns out not to be enough. It again turned out to be win that last game and your in the playoff’s. That last game did not have it starting quarterback in it. Tony Romo got injured the week before against the Washington Redskins. Kyle Orton had to come in and WIN! he couldnt do it. Threw a interception on a crossing pattern to Miles Austin. He under threw the dang ball! Something has to give. After 3 season of 8-8, Jerry Jones has to get rid of Garrett right? NO sir, Jerry Jones stuck with Garrett and gave him one more year. It was his last year under contract with Cowboys. Defense of coordinator  Rob Ryan got released of his duties. Bill Callahan for demoted from calling plays to just coaching the offense of line. So the Cowboys brought in Monte Kiffin to run the defense and Scott Linehan to run this offense. Jason Garrett finally has his guys. Thing’s will start going the cowboys way right, well maybe. 2014– O my this crazy year. Jerry Jones couldn’t have said it better. “We have our backs against the wall.” They did too. No one expected the Dallas Cowboys to have the year they had. One of the biggest mediocre teams, 3 back to back 8-8 seasons. They didn’t have a fighting chance. Garrett thought other wise. He brought the famous 5 letter word to light. It was on every T-shirt, almost on every wall at Valley Ranch. F-I-G-H-T. “We are going to fight, claw and then step on their throats.” Garrett said in a huddle at training camp. The first game of the year, a lot of hype and lot of talk about the word fight got tested Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ners. Cowboys played at home in front of a bunch of 49ner fans. There was red everywhere you looked in that stadium. The Dallas Cowboys laid a big egg in that game losing 17-28. Just when it seemed like this year was going to be like every other, the Dallas Cowboys went to win 6 in a row. The Garrett era has finally started. He got all the pieces he needs to become the coach Jerry Jones thought he would be. Instead of the win or go home game in week 17, they beat the Indianapolis Colts and won the NFC East. with a 12-4 record the Dallas Cowboys was on to make the playoffs. Jason Garrett had to have a lot of confidence going into that game. I mean why not. He had the #1 WR Bryant with 16 touchdowns, #1 RB Murray with 1,845 and 13 TDs. Tony Romo playing lights out. Then came the Catch no catch and the Cowboys season was gone. Garrett got his team to the playoffs and lost. 2015– A valuable back up QB, someone who can take the load if your starting QB goes down. I think Garrett and the front office missed the most important word there. “Valuable” This 2015 season after taking the NFL by storm went right back in the toilet it got plunged out of. Tony Romo went down week 2 against the Eagles and after a 2-0 start the dreamy season turned into a nightmare for Jason Garrett. They went through 4 QB’s that year including Romo! Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassell and Kellen Moore. Cowboys finished last in the NFC East and was hoping 2016 season would be better. 2016– O My this year turned out to be better then the 2014 season. How could this be you asked? Dak Prescott, a 4th round rookie with no exception. Did Jason Garrett finally have his QB he always wanted? Don’t forget Zeke Elliott. Rookies ran this show, Jason Garrett gave trust to himself and his staff to turn this leaf in the Garrett Era. Romo is yet out again with a broken bone in his back. Kellen Moore is out with a broken ankle. Jason Garrett didn’t blink. He let these rookies play and play they did. Hosting a 13-3 record. Jason Garrett best record as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Jason Garrett being named Coach of the Year! His Rookie QB being named Rookie of the year! 

We won’t know what 2017 holds but best believe the Jason Garrett era has started. The talent is there, the coaching staff is there. I smell a Lombardi Trophy coming real soon. He is building the team the way he wants it and in his first year with his QB it was proven to work. Weather you like him or not. He has built something special in Dallas.