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Live streaming our family while we watch our Dallas Cowboys visit the Los Angeles Rams in Game 2 of the NFL preseason. You’ll hear our impressions and reactions, with some comments while we watch this game on the NFL Network, with you. There will once again be only a few starters playing, especially on offense. Let’s see how our Defense looks AND of course, NO INJURIES to anyone!

Of course, we will also discuss Ezekiel Elliott and what we believe to be an obviously unfair suspension by the NFL for 6 games for Domestic Violence accusations. Look over the FACTS of this case, as we tweeted some court documents of eye-witnesses & their sworn testimony, as well as her text messages that prove she was trying to get her friends to lie for her. We digress, let’s focus on the guys that will for sure be out there when the regular season begins and we will be fine for a short time with Run DMC, Morris, Smith, & Hillman.

Remember, keep it family friendly, and as always… GO COWBOYS!!!



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I’m like many of you at the moment, confused and angry towards why Zeke was suspended. The evidence is still foggy to whether Zeke was guilty of the DV accusations, but if Zeke is proven guilty he needs to do his time. However it works out, I think it will be sorted out correctly once Zekes appeal is heard. But let’s take a step back for a moment cowboys fans and remember the system we have in place.

Starting in the 2014 season we showed the NFL that our offense was going to flow through our power running game. Whether teams liked it or not we were going to run right through them. Just because we might not have Zeke for a portion of the season our system is built to where we don’t need a killer like Zeke to be successful. Darren Mcfadden and Alfred Morris, both proven 1k yard rushers in this league. Interchanging both of them behind our line and our offense still averages above 4 yards a carry!

I will acknowledge that I know Zeke adds that killer punch behind our o-line, but we still have the leagues best rushing attack without him. In my mind we need to Zeke to make noise in the playoffs, but we don’t need him to get there. Dak is the leader of this team and will continue to successfully lead us. I’m asking all cowboys fans in this frustrating to take a deep breath and keep faith in the system that has been built.



I’m glad Zeke got suspended I’m glad is hell. #1 Reason I’m glad about it is. it shows the entire World wtf Cowboys fans been saying since 1997. That the NFL clearly has it in for the Dallas Cowboys and are still pissed off about Jerry Jones winning the Nike Case against the NFL. Not only did they clearly cheat us out of 2 straight playoff games vs the Packers. But now they’re so got dam terrified Of our #DOOMSDAYOFFENSE.

They’re suspending every got dam player in site. No evidence what so ever but you suspend Zeke anyways Ok. #2 Reason I’m not mad about it of course he is going to win the appeal.

#3 Reason is this is going to be something that lights a fire under the team. It’s going to be billboard material that pisses the entire team off and that they can use for motivation. Us against the world which is how it’s been since 1997.

#4 Reason Zeke needed this IDC WTF Any Cowboy fan has to say if you’re are A Die Hard Cowboys fan you know dam well Zeke and A Bunch of Cowboys fan stomped the fk out of that DJ A couple of months ago. Witnesses wouldn’t testify because they were in fear of their lives. Zeke stomped the shit out of somebody last year at A Party as well but it was kept under wraps once again thinks to the Dallas Police Department.

#5 Reason Zeke needed this. Dude is out of control it’s better to get suspended now and learn from your mistake. Last thing we need is Zeke getting killed or somebody else getting killed because of Zeke.

#6 DAK CAN SHOW THE WORLD AND SHUT THE COWBOY HATERS THE FK UP ONCE AND FOR ALL HE HAS BEEN A WINNER BEFORE ZEKE AND WILL BE A WINNER WITHOUT ZEKE. The Cowboys winning without Zeke will Humble Zeke And make him feel bad for missing games. If we lose any of those games it will make Zeke Feel Like he let his brothers down. If we win all those games it will make Zeke feel like they don’t need me to win I better get my act together or I might be gone soon. A WIN WIN SITUATION!!

(Long I know But hey got to get it out my system some how GO COWBOYS!!!)



6 f*cking games! The NFL hands Ezekiel Elliot a f*cking SIX GAME SUSPENSION! To say I am outraged would be an MASSIVE understatement, but I don’t know exactly who to direct my anger at. Should I be mad at the league and the investigators, or should I be mad at Zeke for even putting himself in this situation. The league has since released their statements and according to them they found enough evidence to justify a six game suspension for violating their personal conduct policy. Over the years fans have criticized the league for being very inconsistent in their punishment of players and it doesn’t seem like this situation will help their case. The league claims it found evidence that Ezekiel participated in at least 5 acts of “physical violence”. Note that they say “physical violence” and not “domestic violence” which is what he was accused of in 2016 and while I am hearing that the acts of “physical violence” described in their statement are indeed a reference to the domestic violence accusations against Ezekiel, at this time I have yet to have conformation on those rumors. The problem I see with this suspension is that the prosecutors and law enforcement have not only chosen not to pursue criminal charges but have also failed to find evidence of domestic violence committed by Zeke. Now don’t get me wrong, if the NFL really found evidence of domestic violence against Zeke then not only should they suspend him they should hand over the evidence to the district attorney so he can be prosecuted like every other POS who commits violence against their spouse or significant other. That thought might not sit right with some fans but I have daughters, nieces and nephews and I would never allow them to commit or be victims of Domestic violence without repercussions to them or their spouses. This issue goes beyond football this is about morality and I will never consider someone who commits violence against their loved ones or lies about having violence committed against them good people, those people need to be locked up. With all that said training camp will resume as usual, the preseason and season will go with or without Elliot and just like we’ve been doing these past few weeks we will have to just wait and see. The Running Back depth is better than most teams in the league and our offense has enough young talent to make us feel a little better about this situation. The next few days will no doubt begin to shed light on this matter but the end of this depends on whether or not Elliot will file an appeal and perhaps even a lawsuit should the appeal fail. Until then we are left without our most explosive weapon for six games and all we can say is WHAT THE F*CK…