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5 Things I want to see in week 2. 

   1) The return of Ryan Switzer. Everyone has so high expectations for Switz, I hope to see him healthy and get back going in camp.    2) The continuation of Optimus Prime I mean Jaylon Smith getting back to himself. Day to day week to week the guy continues to improve and impress. So excited to see this beast out there killing it. Unlikely he will play in game 2 but would love to see him out there in a game setting soon as possible.    3) Rico Gathers. The dude is blowing up. Stand out performance in preseason game 1. Hopefully he continue to build on that not only in game but in practice. No more helmet throwing, just keep grinding we are all behind you Rico.    4) Taco Charlton got a lot of slack for his performance in week 1. Myself personally had no issues with his play as film shown multiple double teams and he had limited number of snaps. I also release my expectations may be different than some other fans but I think we can all agree going against Tyron Smith everyday he can only improve.    5) Finally and most importantly the conclusion of the Zeke drama. Most believe we will get an answer this week and its beyond overdue. Free the man!  I want to hear from him in camp. The guy is a great interview and every entertaining I’ve missed not hearing from him in camp.

Witten Career Just Got 5 Years Longer A TE That Can Draw Attention Away From Our Main Weapons!

The real reason The Dallas Cowboys gave Jason Witten A 4 year contract Extension. His career just got 5 Years LONGER! Has Swaim or Hanna ever got this much attention? HELL NO!!! Think about what Witten can do on the other side of the field. Think about what Bee’s Swiss Butler And T-Will could do on the other side of the field. Think about what ZEKE!! Could do on the other side of the field. Think about what Dak can do Running Or Passing on the other side of the field!! THINK ABOUT WHAT DEZ CAN DO ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD NO LONGER HAVING TO DEAL WITH DOUBLE AND TRIPLE TEAMS!!!!! 1 Mo Month and Giants going to get that ass whooped!!!!!

Breaking Down Film: Johnathon Cooper

This Off-season we have seen our fair share of players leave the Dallas Cowboys Organization. Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, J.J Wilcox, Barry Church, Lance Dunbar, Gavin Escobar, Doug Free. The one player that hurt our team the most was Ronald Leary leaving to go to Denver. When Free retired I was hoping that La’el would take his spot and our O-Line would be even more stronger, but Leary left and there was this big hole at LG. Some were saying Chaz Green would take over, and some were saying that we would take a LG in the draft and some were saying that JCoop would take that spot. Now, after Chaz Green’s injury it seems like Cooper would be starting at LG Week 1 against the Giants. In the Hall Of Fame Game, Cooper played a total of 34 snaps. 19 pass, 15 run. Out of the film I saw from Law Nations video, Cooper only got beat 2 times out of the 19 pass plays. Some of the strengths I saw from Cooper was that he is a great zone blocker. He can easily take his angled step and get to the 2nd level. A lot of run plays were done in that game due to his ability to get to the LB. In Law Nations Video. At 2:43 you see Cooper take a angled step to the right. Its a designed run to the right but Morris cuts it up and Cooper cuts Dan Williams allowing Morris to get an easy 6. The very next play Cooper takes an angled step to the left this time and creates a hole for Morris to get 8 on. The other strength I saw was his awareness  on stunts. I always got queasy when the Giants ran a stunt on the right with Martin and Free. Martin always got his guy, but Free was always to late on the handoff. At 1:08 the Cardinals run a stunt with the DT and DE. The DT goes outside and Cooper meets the DE in the B gap for solid protection allowing Kellen Moore to complete a 3rd and 6 for a First Down. Johnathon Cooper does have some weaknesses aswell. He is very prone to Bull Rush. In the game there were a lot of instances I saw but this one popped out to me because this was Rico’s TD. At 2:00 in the First, Cooper got met with a bull rush from the DT. Cooper still did pretty well of blocking, he didn’t get beat but he did get driven back a few yards into Kellen Moore. Instead of getting low and planting your feet when you get met with a bull rush. Cooper was slow to react and allowed the DT to get his hands on him first, Cooper couldn’t get his hands inside to get low and to get leverage. I’m not saying he did bad but its just something he needs to work on because of our schedule. Cooper got beat by a quick finesse rush by a DT late in 2nd, thus setting off a chain reaction to Kellen Moore chunking up the ball to Noah Brown, and the ball ended up getting picked. JCoop ended up playing a really good game. I would love to see him and the rest of the starters play next week when they’re all in sync and blocking together. It’s to early to tell whether or not he’ll be good for us this season but I have a sense that the LG spot is clinched for JCoop, for now at least. If you have any more players that you would like to see a Film Breakdown of just leave it in the comments or message me. Overall Rating for Jcoop: A- Watch The Law’s Offensive Series Video:

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Dan “The Mountain” Skipper Rico “Zeus” Gathers Both Shined Blocking In The Hall A Fame Game “OFFENSIVE SERIES ONLY” (Law Nation Video)

So I’ve watched this video about 3 times And happy to say both of my training camp team favorites. Dan “The Mountain” Skipper And Rico “Zeus” Gathers. Both had excellent all round games. Dan played Guard and Tackle and looked good in both position. I think He is better at Tackle than he is at Guard. I think Dan will be our future Swing Tackle And some day soon our 1st string Tackle. Collins probably will get moved back to Guard when it’s all said and done. What a lot of people don’t know about Dan Skipper is he shutdown Myles Garrett Tim Williams Jonathan Allen And that Barnett guy the Eagles got. Look up their stats when they played Arkansas 0 Sacks across the board for the most part. Better yet go to Youtube and watch the film of Dan Skipper VS Alabama Tennessee And Texas A&M. See for yourself what he did to those elite players. He also was SEC Player of the week multiple times and was 1 of the best OL in the entire conference for 2-3 years straight And on the ALL SEC Team as well. Rico also did and excellent job blocking as well I seen him use power And shielding. I like his shield blocks better than his power blocks tho. But from all the Negative and Nit picking news I’ve been hearing about Dan and Rico from that need to be over hauled cast on Talking Cowboys. I’m Glad Dan And Rico both had huge games to shut all those Negative Talking Cowboys haters up!!! I seen Rico Power some people out of the way on run plays. Big reason Rob Smith and our RB’s did so well was because of Rico and Dan Skipper blocks. But I’m sure the Negative talking heads on shows like Talking Cowboys will still have something negative to say like always. Just like they did Dak last season and we seen how that turned out. They already starting off on A bad foot on that show. That’s why Derrek switched the shows up like he did. So he could get the hell away from Taylor Rob And Mickey.  Thank god for Websites like this. Where we can all come together and tell the facts of what we’ve seen and not rely on Shows like Talking Cowboys to tell us all the facts and lies that they spread about players. I get it we all have our favorites but I’m not about to spread lies and nit pick on every little thing Swain and Hanna do because I want Rico to start over them I’m going to keep it real and tell the truth. Which is Hanna and Swaim both are good blockers yes but when it comes to and Offensive Weapon. Neither of them add up. Swaim has dropping the ball issues and Hanna hell every time he catches A pass the guy gets 2 yards it seems like. I can’t remember 1 time Hanna scored to tell you the truth. But anyways GOOD JOB DAN SKIPPER AND RICO GATHERS!!! #DANSKIPPER #RICOGATHERS #DAN #SKIPPER #RICO #GATHERS #DALLASCOWBOYS

Breaking Down Film: Chidobe Awuzie

Many people have came out after the Arizona game and already have put our defense as “The same as last year” or “no pass rush, no pass defense”. Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on First Take have had their remarks too about the Cowboys’ defense. Skip Bayless, one of the most fake cowboy fan I have ever seen, said this about Chidobe Awuzies’ performance: “He was lost. 33 on the field, he was lost”. Well, Mr. Bayless, maybe he wasn’t lost. Cheeto was targeted 4 times throughout the first half. The WR’s only 2/4 passes so 50% completion rating. Cheeto got his action when the Cardinals were on the goal line early in the game waiting to get their first score. 10:47 the snap is hiked and its an outside run, Cheeto being in the box sees a B Gap open up between Damien Wilson and whoever the DE was on that play. 33 goes to fill that hole, but Washington, the RB, goes outside where Damien had C Gap control. Damien couldn’t get off his block in time so it was an easy TD for the Cards. The first time Cheeto was targeted it was on a deep slant/in route. :38 seconds the snap is hiked and Cheeto immediately is on the WR’s backside hip within ten yards. Cheeto keeps up with his man but Gabbert sees that 33 is on the outside hip throws it to the back side shoulder behind the WR. Ross slightly pushes off Cheeto and makes the catch. If the ball was thrown in front of the WR like a normal pass it would’ve been broken up or picked, that pass if slightly wrong thrown behind him it would’ve been incomplete. Fast Forward to the 2nd quarter at 7:11. Gabbert throws a short slant route to Bundy on the outside but he drops it. Either way, Cheeto was in great position to hit him immediately when he caught it or break it up. 2nd quarter :44 seconds left. Gabbert throws a deep in/slant route to Ross on the outside. Cheeto still sticking to outside hip was a little too late on the swat for the pass. It was completed for a 15 yard gain. 10 seconds left in the 2nd and Gabbert throws a risky a short out route to the sideline. Cheeto immediately reads it and breaks on the ball. He should’ve picked it off, but still a good instinct play by a rookie. If there’s any more Film Breakdown on a specific player you want to see, leave a comment or message me. In all honesty I thought Cheeto was solid. There was one lucky pass that was 50/50 so I’ll give that one to Cheeto. Final Stats: 1 completion out of 4 passes thrown. 2 pass breakups, 1 tackle. Link to Sources used: Skip and Shannon: Film:

Mixed Emotions

   Jerry Wayne Jones. Owner of the Dallas Cowboys since my birth year 1989. My Dallas Cowboys. Our Dallas Cowboys. I’ve known nothing other than Jerry literally my whole life so its hard to imagine the boys without him. Such a lightening rod throughout the sports world. Billionaire country boy with a twang and an eye for the spotlight the guy is hard to miss. Most people are very opinionated about Jerry Jones especially fans of his own team. Either he is loved or hated not much in between. His success in the 90’s alongside Jimmy Johnson cannot be denied. The Cowboys were on top of the world for most of the decade and Jerry was THE MAN in the NFL. The man became too big as Jimmie ultimately left the team as the egos could no longer co-exist. Post 90’s dynasty Jerry became more of a walking meme. All talk basically as the Cowboys success on the field was few and far between. It would seen Jerry would be more concerned about the Cowboys being in the news over anything else. Including winning. This became very stale to me and of course a majority of the Cowboys nation. We all became fed up and some even hated the man for what he had turned our franchise into. Poor season after poor season and possibly even causing Bill Parcells to leave town fans couldn’t take it anymore. I began to lash out. Anybody but Jerry. Sale the team Jerry. Why was Jerry so hands on with the football team? We was all ready to move on.    With recent success through the draft, Will McClay, Jerry sticking with Jason Garrett and I believe underappreciated fact that Stephen Jones being more hands on with the team things have turned around. I think fans have eased up on Jerry in recent years. But as I write this article Jerry is set to be inducted into the Pro football HOF tomorrow. Does he deserve it? Sure. He’s done a great job in many aspects but I honestly can’t form an opinion on the guy. It’s actually confusing to me.  I want to hate the guy but I can’t.  I want to cheer him but don’t really want to either.  From the dynasty in the 90’s to AT&T stadium he has given us fans things to be thankful for but still many things to be ashamed of. I just don’t know about Jerry. I guess he’s just there. Maybe like that one uncle you love but don’t exactly want him to show up at Thanksgiving dinner either. I appreciate what the Jones family has done for our organization but my feelings for Jerry are still kinda wishy washy. I don’t know maybe he will give a heartfelt speech at the HOF and bring me around. I’ll be interested in seeing how the fanbase reacts when takes the stage. I wish the best for Jerry but I’m curious to know if other fans feel this way as well. Who knows maybe he will hold the Lombardi trophy at the end of this year and we will cheer. I just don’t know. Jerry is just Jerry I guess. We’ve all learned with live with him. Congrats on the Hall of Fame Jerry Jones.