Well, the first game is over and I have a couple of quick thoughts to share. First, the defense was really good the D line played exceptional I thought. Jaylon Smith was flying around, making tackles and doing what he was drafted to do for our defense. I do admit his reckless abandon makes me nervous, but he gotta play how he plays..Great game for Jaylon. The secondary looked okay but hey OB wasn’t suited up and that makes a difference, however with that said the looked better than I expected except for that one long drive, but even that one only netted the Giants a field goal..Great great job D….offense..I don’t need to praise Witten but he is a beast doing what he always does and has done…Congrats on passing the milestone tonight Jason. Elliot, again being Elliot and I expect he will play even better against Denver because he really didn’t get many reps in Training camp and I think he will play even better next week, solid though tonight…Dak, and Offensive line…I gotta say neither played up to my expectations, Smith needs to quit racking up penalties and Dak didn’t look like his usual self throwing the ball, but then he did play pretty well no real complaints but hopefully he will get more accurate and I think he missed a few open targets tonight…improve the field vision, and accuracy and he will be fine…Overall, It was a good game by the boys, there’s obviously work that needs to be done but hey, its week one and we got a divisional win to start the season…Great Game Boys…Maybe you can disagree on my thoughts, that’s cool its just my opinion based on the first game…lots to look forward too..!!