With the cutdowns kellen moore was released and I let out a sigh of relief because I have been asking for his release since Romo started having all those injuries year after year. Every cowboy fans, all the players, all the executives and I could tell from a country mile that Kellen Moore wasn’t cutout to be on this team. Despite working out with the 2nd team in practice and even the first team during Romo injuries he somehow never grasped how to be a good Cowboys quarterback. I criticize him because he watched Romo start game after game and he had more than enough time to study the playbook but somehow he never could show up when it counted. So now that he has been cut I know for a fact that the Cowboys are a better team but somewhere in Jerry Jones heart he loves this guy and will continue to pay him to be worthless when it matters(on the field). Rumors are he will be signed back on Tuesday due to Rico being put on IR.