Cooper Rush Noah Brown And Rico Gathers all need to be on the 53 Roster. Kellen Moore Hanna And Swaim Going to have to bite the dust. Zeke led the League in rushing with Both Hanna And Swaim riding the bench with Injuries. I really wish our Dallas Cowboys Media heads would stop hyping these 2 up like they’re something they clearly are not. Swaim has dropping balls issues and Hanna is A 0% When it comes to being A weapon on the chart. Jason Garrett better get this right because i Don’t think Jerry is going to be putting up with having this much talent on A Team and not winning A Ring much longer. It’s A New Era time to get rid of the old and bring in the new!!!! Neither of these guys is going to take double teams away from Witten in double TE Sets BUT WE ALL KNOW WHO WILL!!!