Noah Brown had a standout game vs the Rams. Catching 3 passes for 47 yards. He’s making his case for WR 6 with his improvement of play and training camp breakout.

Noah Brown is a physical WR. He’s big. 6’2 225. Put him in 88’s jersey, helmet, and cleats and you’d think Dez is on the field. His blocking is impeccable we could really use that on outside runs and I know im not the only person upset when Zeke has a hole on the outside and you can already tell he’s gonna get 20 or 30 yards but the WR cant hold his block and its only a 8 yard gain. Brown is tough to bring down. A slant pass was thrown to Brown early in game the CB tried to arm tackle him, he shrugged it off. He got 6 more yards then he trucked a safety that was going low for 15 yards.

Brown has big play ability he’s not the fastest guy around but the 50/50 balls are his sweet spot. He excels at high pointing the ball in the air. Just take a look at OSU vs Oklahoma last year. You’ll see what I mean. Like I said hes not fast but his game speed is good. A little bit slower than Dez.

I can’t wait to see the Cooper Rush to Noah Brown connection tonight, it’s gonna be a good one. Noah Brown’s grade: B-

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