Xavier Woods shined in the Preseason game against the Rams. He had a total of 7 tackles in the game 3 were 3rd down stops. There are a lot of positives I took from this game and not a lot of negatives yet. Let’s get in to it.

Xavier Woods is a sure tackler. His angles are raw, but his wrap up is amazing. There was one play I saw Woods on. It was man to man and Xavier’s’ guy had a drag route over the middle. The receiver caught the ball but Xavier was on him like white on rice. He put his shoulder pad on his thigh and grabbed his ankle. He alligator rolled through the tackle like it came natural to him. It was only a 5 yard completion that brought 4th down.

He’s small for a safety but plays big. You can see it in the film when he had that big hit on Hemingway and in run support, which I really like about this kid. Xavier isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the box. He doesn’t shed blocks but his reaction time to holes in the gaps is astonishing. I guess he doesn’t need to shed a block when he’s already filled the gap and has the running back in the backfield running like a chicken with his head cut off trying to find a hole to run through.

I can’t help but compare this kid to Earl Thomas. We Longhorns love our defense and Earl was arguably one of the best Safeties we’ve ever seen. Earl had great over the top coverage, and great reaction time. Earl couldn’t be blocked by a tight end because he’d already run past him and make the tackle. Earl wasn’t the biggest guy either, but he could sure stick it to you.

I can’t wait to see what this young man has in store for us. It’s a great day to be a Cowboy. Overall Grade: B+

Go Cowboys.