1) Alfred Morris. I believe as a fan base we all agree Darren McFadden can help this team but Morris is somewhat of an unknown. McFadden had over a thousand yards in 2015 but I still believe we will need Morris to contribute. From pass blocking, pass catching Morris has had some questions in this offense. He must contribute without Elliot in the backfield.

   2) Dez freaking Bryant. I am the biggest Dez Bryant you will ever meet. He is my favorite football player but we still need more. Dez will never get Julio or Antonio Brown numbers in this offense but we MUST stay healthy. He MUST stay on the field for us to have success. The numbers will never be huge but in key moments he must continue to come up big for this team and even more so. No more two catch for thirty yard games. I love Dez but its time for a full and complete season from him. I believe he will come through for us.

   3) LEFT GUARD. Chaz Green, Byron Bell, Jonathon Cooper. ANYBODY. ANYONE has to step up and fill this position. With a downgrade in the backfield we can ill afford to have issues on the offensive line. Hopefully we can get this thing figured out soon so the line can gel before week 1.

   4) Jason Garrett/Scott Linehan. Fight, trust the process. Jason Garrett has proven(IMO) to be a great leader of men. He must continue to keep this team focused and rise above this dilemma. Scott Linehan must keep this offense on the right path. Keep the play calling down the path that fits this football team. We have a ton of weapons on this  team he must use all of them to relieve them of the loss of Elliot.

   5) Dak Prescott. Now this might sound crazy to most fans but he must be even better. Yes he was superhuman in 2016 but he must continue to improve for us to be successful and I believe he will. Play mistake free football and lead this team like he has shown so far in his career.

   Honorable Mention*** Ryan Switzer. The Switz army knife will be huge contributor in the offense this season. Jet sweeps, reverse, gadget plays the dude is a flat out baller. He must contribute in the kick return game helping in field position as well. It’s hard to say step up for him with it being his rookie season but we must meet and match expectations right away.