1. The thing that popped out most in my eyes was not Rico, Woods, or Cooper Rush. It was our backup LT. He was getting beat left and right by the 2nd teamers and 3rd string DEs. Not a very solid performance by Cleary at all. Right now, I just want Jason Garrett to just sit Tyron for the rest of Preseason. He had the back injury last year aswell, and I don’t want us going in into Week 1 without Tyron and Zeke. I want us to be healthy as can be for those 6 games that Zeke is out for. (Which hopefully gets appealed to 1 or 2).
  2. Taco exploded this game. He had 3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 TFL, and 2 hurries. Even though that’s not a amazing stat line, he was causing disruption. Every play almost it seemed like he was getting into the backfield, getting doubled, or just almost getting to the QB. He played with a high motor this game and it showed through his performance.
  3. Rico is a BADDDDDD MANNNNN. Rico had another great game against the Rams. So far he is looking like a lock for 53. I would still like him to go out with Dak and all our starters and get some work in to see how he does with the 1’s.
  4. Lets not forget Cooper Rush. He looked so smooth that game is was like water flowing down a river. He almost brought us back and won the game like he did against Arizona. There is good competition between him and Moore, I just want to see more of it.
  5. McFadden will be an excellent backup, im not worried.
  6. Defense showed a strong outing against the Rams 1’s. We didn’t even have all our defense on the field and we still looked good. (Yes, I know its the Rams but we’re still looking good.) We had good run D, and our pass defense was nothing crazy but an improvement.
  7. I will be doing Film Breakdowns on Xavier Woods, Noah Brown, and Damien Wilson. I’ve just been a little bit busy lately so I’ve haven’t been able to post as much. If would like to see a specific film breakdown of a player I did not mention please leave a comment or PM me and i’ll do it as fast as possible.