This Off-season we have seen our fair share of players leave the Dallas Cowboys Organization. Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr, J.J Wilcox, Barry Church, Lance Dunbar, Gavin Escobar, Doug Free. The one player that hurt our team the most was Ronald Leary leaving to go to Denver. When Free retired I was hoping that La’el would take his spot and our O-Line would be even more stronger, but Leary left and there was this big hole at LG. Some were saying Chaz Green would take over, and some were saying that we would take a LG in the draft and some were saying that JCoop would take that spot. Now, after Chaz Green’s injury it seems like Cooper would be starting at LG Week 1 against the Giants.

In the Hall Of Fame Game, Cooper played a total of 34 snaps. 19 pass, 15 run. Out of the film I saw from Law Nations video, Cooper only got beat 2 times out of the 19 pass plays.

Some of the strengths I saw from Cooper was that he is a great zone blocker. He can easily take his angled step and get to the 2nd level. A lot of run plays were done in that game due to his ability to get to the LB. In Law Nations Video. At 2:43 you see Cooper take a angled step to the right. Its a designed run to the right but Morris cuts it up and Cooper cuts Dan Williams allowing Morris to get an easy 6. The very next play Cooper takes an angled step to the left this time and creates a hole for Morris to get 8 on. The other strength I saw was his awareness  on stunts. I always got queasy when the Giants ran a stunt on the right with Martin and Free. Martin always got his guy, but Free was always to late on the handoff. At 1:08 the Cardinals run a stunt with the DT and DE. The DT goes outside and Cooper meets the DE in the B gap for solid protection allowing Kellen Moore to complete a 3rd and 6 for a First Down.

Johnathon Cooper does have some weaknesses aswell. He is very prone to Bull Rush. In the game there were a lot of instances I saw but this one popped out to me because this was Rico’s TD. At 2:00 in the First, Cooper got met with a bull rush from the DT. Cooper still did pretty well of blocking, he didn’t get beat but he did get driven back a few yards into Kellen Moore. Instead of getting low and planting your feet when you get met with a bull rush. Cooper was slow to react and allowed the DT to get his hands on him first, Cooper couldn’t get his hands inside to get low and to get leverage. I’m not saying he did bad but its just something he needs to work on because of our schedule. Cooper got beat by a quick finesse rush by a DT late in 2nd, thus setting off a chain reaction to Kellen Moore chunking up the ball to Noah Brown, and the ball ended up getting picked.

JCoop ended up playing a really good game. I would love to see him and the rest of the starters play next week when they’re all in sync and blocking together. It’s to early to tell whether or not he’ll be good for us this season but I have a sense that the LG spot is clinched for JCoop, for now at least.

If you have any more players that you would like to see a Film Breakdown of just leave it in the comments or message me. Overall Rating for Jcoop: A-

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