Many people have came out after the Arizona game and already have put our defense as “The same as last year” or “no pass rush, no pass defense”. Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on First Take have had their remarks too about the Cowboys’ defense. Skip Bayless, one of the most fake cowboy fan I have ever seen, said this about Chidobe Awuzies’ performance: “He was lost. 33 on the field, he was lost”. Well, Mr. Bayless, maybe he wasn’t lost.

Cheeto was targeted 4 times throughout the first half. The WR’s only 2/4 passes so 50% completion rating. Cheeto got his action when the Cardinals were on the goal line early in the game waiting to get their first score. 10:47 the snap is hiked and its an outside run, Cheeto being in the box sees a B Gap open up between Damien Wilson and whoever the DE was on that play. 33 goes to fill that hole, but Washington, the RB, goes outside where Damien had C Gap control. Damien couldn’t get off his block in time so it was an easy TD for the Cards.

The first time Cheeto was targeted it was on a deep slant/in route. :38 seconds the snap is hiked and Cheeto immediately is on the WR’s backside hip within ten yards. Cheeto keeps up with his man but Gabbert sees that 33 is on the outside hip throws it to the back side shoulder behind the WR. Ross slightly pushes off Cheeto and makes the catch. If the ball was thrown in front of the WR like a normal pass it would’ve been broken up or picked, that pass if slightly wrong thrown behind him it would’ve been incomplete.

Fast Forward to the 2nd quarter at 7:11. Gabbert throws a short slant route to Bundy on the outside but he drops it. Either way, Cheeto was in great position to hit him immediately when he caught it or break it up.

2nd quarter :44 seconds left. Gabbert throws a deep in/slant route to Ross on the outside. Cheeto still sticking to outside hip was a little too late on the swat for the pass. It was completed for a 15 yard gain.

10 seconds left in the 2nd and Gabbert throws a risky a short out route to the sideline. Cheeto immediately reads it and breaks on the ball. He should’ve picked it off, but still a good instinct play by a rookie.

If there’s any more Film Breakdown on a specific player you want to see, leave a comment or message me. In all honesty I thought Cheeto was solid. There was one lucky pass that was 50/50 so I’ll give that one to Cheeto. Final Stats: 1 completion out of 4 passes thrown. 2 pass breakups, 1 tackle.

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Just tweeted this out… Great job!