Jerry Wayne Jones. Owner of the Dallas Cowboys since my birth year 1989. My Dallas Cowboys. Our Dallas Cowboys. I’ve known nothing other than Jerry literally my whole life so its hard to imagine the boys without him. Such a lightening rod throughout the sports world. Billionaire country boy with a twang and an eye for the spotlight the guy is hard to miss. Most people are very opinionated about Jerry Jones especially fans of his own team. Either he is loved or hated not much in between. His success in the 90’s alongside Jimmy Johnson cannot be denied. The Cowboys were on top of the world for most of the decade and Jerry was THE MAN in the NFL. The man became too big as Jimmie ultimately left the team as the egos could no longer co-exist. Post 90’s dynasty Jerry became more of a walking meme. All talk basically as the Cowboys success on the field was few and far between. It would seen Jerry would be more concerned about the Cowboys being in the news over anything else. Including winning. This became very stale to me and of course a majority of the Cowboys nation. We all became fed up and some even hated the man for what he had turned our franchise into. Poor season after poor season and possibly even causing Bill Parcells to leave town fans couldn’t take it anymore. I began to lash out. Anybody but Jerry. Sale the team Jerry. Why was Jerry so hands on with the football team? We was all ready to move on.

   With recent success through the draft, Will McClay, Jerry sticking with Jason Garrett and I believe underappreciated fact that Stephen Jones being more hands on with the team things have turned around. I think fans have eased up on Jerry in recent years. But as I write this article Jerry is set to be inducted into the Pro football HOF tomorrow. Does he deserve it? Sure. He’s done a great job in many aspects but I honestly can’t form an opinion on the guy. It’s actually confusing to me.  I want to hate the guy but I can’t.  I want to cheer him but don’t really want to either.  From the dynasty in the 90’s to AT&T stadium he has given us fans things to be thankful for but still many things to be ashamed of. I just don’t know about Jerry. I guess he’s just there. Maybe like that one uncle you love but don’t exactly want him to show up at Thanksgiving dinner either. I appreciate what the Jones family has done for our organization but my feelings for Jerry are still kinda wishy washy. I don’t know maybe he will give a heartfelt speech at the HOF and bring me around. I’ll be interested in seeing how the fanbase reacts when takes the stage. I wish the best for Jerry but I’m curious to know if other fans feel this way as well. Who knows maybe he will hold the Lombardi trophy at the end of this year and we will cheer. I just don’t know. Jerry is just Jerry I guess. We’ve all learned with live with him. Congrats on the Hall of Fame Jerry Jones.

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I’m right there with you. One emotion I do not have confused and that is Jealousy… next to Hef, his life seems pretty grand.