Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. I cannot describe this feeling that has come over me for this team and for this Dallas Cowboys community. My twenty eight birthday is next week and I literally have waited my whole life for all this to come to a head. The dominance of the 90’s is real to me but I was only a pup in this game we call life. The Dallas Cowboys 2017 season I can actually grasp it, I can actually taste what I have wanted my whole life. This team is something special. I can feel the roar of this fanbase just ready to explode with excitement. The obsession this team causes for millions of us keeps me up at night reading endless tweets or watching youtube videos trying to learn every aspect of every player. While I look at this team and last years success I cannot even fathom the excitement for the season. The haters will say every time the Cowboys are destined for success we fall right on our faces. No. Not this time. We’ve come too far to go back now. The media is thirsty for our failure. Dallas Cowboys success is great for them but a train wreck is what they truly crave. We as a community must block out all of that and band together. From false arrests or he said she said at a nightclub we must rise above. Should we hold our coaches and players accountable sure but lets not get caught up in their petty games. THE STAR is what matters. THE STAR is bigger than any player, bigger than any coach or fan and for damn sure bigger than Jerry Jones. All this petty drama can easily distract fans from that but when I see that number 4 none of it matters. When I see Dak Prescott I get a calming over myself and its a thing of beauty. He embodies everything the Star stands for and will lead us to the promise land. This thing has been brewing for years and I’m so excited to get this thing started. I would like to thank Shango for giving us this outlet that so many of us have craved for years and to quote “IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Tiffanee Self

Great post!!

Antwann Shellman Lyles

Good post!!

That was awesome…I know a lot of guys around your age that really didn’t get to experience the 90s. Have fun! I watched that one build from absolutely nothing. Can remember knowing exactly what day Pro Football Weekly was being delivered to my local magazine stand so I can get updates on that team. Right now I’m more excited than then. The ONLY difference is the 90’s team didn’t nearly have the same amount of competition. The NFL is much more difficult these days so if we pull off a dynasty now…it’s the best we’ve ever had.